Syed Hunain Riaz
General Internal Medicine
Al Abeer Medical center, Imam turki bin. Abdullah road. Umm e Salim.


Dr.Syed Hunain Riaz Graduated from Allama Iqbal Medical College in 2008 and went on to complete his Fellowship in Internal Medicine in 2014, after Residency Training in Jinnah, Hospital, Lahore. He has a Speciality Certification in Endocrinology & Diabetes from the Royal College of Physicians, UK. He has numerous other certifications on the interplay of Nutrition & Sports/Exercise with Chronic Metabolic diseases. He has expertise and interest in managing Chronic Metabolic Disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Horomonal issues like Polycystic ovarian disease, Thyroid disorders, Secondary causes of Hypertension, Growth disorders etc. Along with the above keen interest and Expertise in managing viral illness ( Viral Hepatitis and HIV especially) having managed patients with the said illnesses for years on Governmental & International platforms. He believes in managing his patients as part of holistic care, which includes dietary/lifestyle modfications along with medication with special emphasis on prevention as the mainstay of a healthy life. He currently works in Riyadh City, KSA as a Consultant in Internal Medicine.


1. MBBS (Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore)---2008


3.Speciality Certification in Endocrinology & Diabetes---2019


1. American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE)