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About Diabetes Virtual Clinic

With the vision of providing Quality healthcare facility at the doorstep of every Pakistani, by removing the traditional barriers through effective use of Technology, Softech & Databrain Solution has launched Diabetes Virtual Clinic (DVC) as First step toward this noble service. Diabetes Virtual Clinic is powered by state of the art Telemedicine Solution of Healthcare Pakistan providing 24/7 primary healthcare helpline for diabetes management as well as access to Specialist Care facility. No matter where and how remote location patients belong to, if they have an internet connection on their phone or computer, they can access Diabetes Virtual Clinic anytime of the day or night. Through telemedicine patients access Diabetes Virtual Clinic and will select a doctor with preference of city, online consultation or clinic consultation. Patients have the privilege to select any mode of interaction. Appointment booking will be done in available slots of the doctor selected. In case patient wants to visit the doctor at his/her clinic, Clinic Connect has the feature for mode of interaction Benefits of Diabetes Virtual Clinic:
  • Window to expert care
  • Minimum exposure to COVID-19
  • Increase of healthcare services access to reputable doctor
  • Minimum/zero traveling for seeking an advice (No extra expense for traveling)
  • No family member dis-engagement from their daily routine
  • No long waiting at doctor clinic
  • On time consultation
  • Improve health outcome
  • Regular follow up and controlled complications
  • Reduced stress, anxiety & depression of patients & attendants
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • More time can be given to educate patient on DM management
  • Patient can write his/her questions in advance that he/she needs doctor to address

Specialist available
  1. Endocrinologist
  2. Pediatric endocrinologist
  3. Pediatrician with special interest on type-I diabetes management with added interest of nutrition and child protection
  4. Nephrologist (to deal with nephropathy/nephrology complicated cases)
  5. Neurologist (to deal with neuropathy/neurology and foot complications)

Making the real difference for the diabetes community!